We are dedicated to working with our own livestock and of Andalucian farmers. Our choice abbatoris provide the best service possible at a reasonable cost that is affordable for our customers.

Production at slaughterhouses takes place under extremely hygienic conditions. The quality, fat content and tenderness of the meat are continuously monitored, and veterinary inspectors supervise and approve all processes. Everyone makes great efforts to ensure the high quality and fine taste of Merino lamb.

As for our Muslim customers, Halal for us is far more than a label or a set of rules and regulations – it means striving to deliver excellence in all things, applying ourselves in everything we do and always aspiring to do things the right way. All of our lamb is made to order and tailored to meet your personal islamic requirements. We can apply any Halal religious needs to your order and answer any questions that you might have about our processes, including what we do and why we do it. We also facilitate visits to provide extra reassurance.