Why Us

We guarantee product traceability at all times. we are involved from breeding to the end product. We have our own feedlots where animal welfare is our top priority. and we use the best techniques with feed that is 100% natural. Our veterinary staff is responsible for supervising entire process.

The meat of our lambs is of superior quality, with unbeatable falvour and texture. For our Muslim customers we offer Halal meat stun-free that is totally different to the Halal meat offered by other suppliers.

For the Muslim customers we offer 100% stun-free Halal supervised by reputable Halal Certifying body.

We are firmly based in Andalucia and work closely in ensuring the maintenance of our good reputation. We have a big supply of lambs of very high quality. We are transparent and firm beleivers in integrity of whole process of production from farm to fork.