Animal Welfare

We are serious on main welfare issues affecting sheep are from mutilations, lameness, transport and illness caused by disease. Our lambs are in perfect conditions due to good grazing, breeding and stockmanship.

Our sheep are farmed in extensive systems, outdoors on pasture. They are housed indoors to be fattened indoors. We do not use antibiotics and no GMO feeds or manure are used by us. Our lamb and sheep graze on pasture throughout the grazing season.

Good stockmanship with good grazing regimes and strong breeds help ensure ewes remain healthy and improves lamb survival. Smaller numbers of sheep cared for by more shepherds allows proper supervision of the animals’ health and welfare.

Good animal welfare depends on three components:

   . Physical well-being
   - Mental well-being
   - Natural living.

That is exactly what we do! We are proud of what we do!