We prime to offer first class services to our customers and be always transparent and ethical. We are farmers and we value our livelihood.

  • Andalucian Merino lamb is a highly valued meal for those that know its quality and is recognised for its exquisite flavour, tenderness and consistency. While it commands high prices, consumers know exactly how the product will perform under given cooking methods. Andalucian Merino lamb and sheep meat products are trusted for their safety and their integrity, and are known to have come from farms that care for their sheep and for the environment in which they are raised. We make it happen!
  • Andaluciam Merino lamb and sheep meat producers and their value chain colleagues are profitable and proud to be part of their industry. They are savvy business people applying cutting edge technologies to optimise their enterprises. At the farm level, genetics, pasture and animal management and the use of the latest information technology are all focussed on the one thing – improving the quality of the product. We make it happen!


We supply the best quality of Andalucian Merino lamb and sheep.

The main objective of Iberlambs is to ensure that our Customers will obtain the best quality Andalucian lambs and sheep, respecting always animal welfare as top priority.

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For slaughter of lamb and sheep we choose the best and clean abattoirs.

Our goal is offer Merino lamb and sheep meat that is totally differentiated by quality and cleanness. For our Muslim Customers all our production bears the Halal certification guarantee

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We use leading logistic companies for transport to anywhere in the World.

Our lpartners are experienced in transport of refrigerated meat by land, air or sea. The livestock, for neighbouring countries is transported by truck, elsewhere in the World by special ships and air-planes.

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